ID-Report is a CSR solution of ID-Impuls

„We firmly believe that digitization has a significant impact on the sustainable development of companies. Our passion is to recognize technological potential for our customers and to make it usable.“

Swetlana van Vliet
Founder and Managing Director of ID-Impuls GmbH

ID-Impuls is a subsidiary of abat AG, headquartered in Oldenburg.

At ID-Impuls we specialize in the development of innovative and sustainability-relevant software solutions. The focus is on a measurable and positive sustainability impact for our customers.

We always work agile and are organized in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams. This enables us to offer expertise in various areas and optimally support you in achieving your sustainability goals.

At abat we combine excellence from various disciplines to develop goal-oriented solutions for companies. Currently, we have around 650 employees who work on a wide variety of customer projects- from the orientation of IT to business processes, development and the implementation and maintenance of standard solutions.

We provide our services primarily in the automotive, discrete production industry, logistics, sustainability management and information security sectors.

We support our customers in sustainability management in the holistic implementation in the company, from strategic integration, through the instruments of sustainability management to the operational implementation of reporting.

For me, abat is the family environment in which we cooperate trustfully and passionately.

Gyde Wortmann
Co-founder and Management Board Member of abat

abat and ID-Impuls

Together we support you in sustainable corporate development.

We offer our customers, mainly large companies and groups, a holistic and future-oriented overall solution.

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Deployment of ID- Report (on-premise or in the cloud)
  • Customized adjustments
  • Connection of external systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Support & maintenance
  • Training
  • Consulting

The abat experts will support you on your way to a sustainable company from the implementation of our CSR Software ID-Report - and also in a consulting form. The focus is on topics such as a goal-oriented implementation of the digital transformation in sustainability management, a mapping of the key figure systems used that is completely adjusted to the respective company and authentic reporting.

Our history

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

April 2011

The EU and the State of Lower Saxony support the ERDF project IT-for-Green (Environmental, Energy and Resource Management with BUIS 2.0) with 2.1 million euros: the project resulted in the founding idea for ID-Report. Cooperation with research and teaching continues until day.

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

September 2015

The founding team of ID-Impuls receives EXIST-Stipendium for their innovative product idea "ID-Report" (project title "Sustainability Online Reporting and Management: STORM")

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

August 2016

Release of the first version of ID-Report.

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

January 2017

Foundation of ID-Impuls GmbH.

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

August 2017

ID-Impuls becomes a subsidiary of abat from  Bremen.

ID-Report Historie ID-Report Historie

April 2019

ID-Impuls and the CascadeUse research group receive the German Raw Materials Efficiency Prize 2018 from the BMWi in Berlin.


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