Release Q3.2021

More analysis and evaluation options for more insight.

On 29.09.2021 we celebrated the new release of ID-Report. Now it's time to share the improvements with you. Following the positive feedback we've collected about our new data analytics module, the core theme of this release is the further improvement of possibilities in the data analytics module. If you would like to know more about the data analytics module and what it can do for you, contact us.

  • Cause and effect analyses based on ID-Report indicators.
  • Benchmarks across locations, brands, products, etc.. 
  • Hierarchies in data: e.g. analyse and display data from a continents point of view, over countries and down to a single building

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Release Q2.2021

New module: Data Analytics.

We are very pleased to announce, that we can now offer you a new module for data analytics. With the Data Analytics module, all data collected with ID-Report can be used plug & play.  With this module, we also offer you the possibility to integrate external data sources even more easily and to relate them to the data from ID-Report. The module offers numerous possibilities to create charts and tables, to work with the data and to create dashboards.

Are the analytics solutions you already have in your company also supported?

Yes. And we plan to continue the support of other analytics solutions. However, the new module offers you a very low barrier to start analysing you ID-Report data and is therefore ideally suited for drawing knowledge from valuable data, even without extensive IT knowledge. 

A few more release highlights:

  • ID-Report now provides an analysis of all data submitted via the new "Quality of Responses" function, making it even easier for you, as a sustainability manager, to assess the quality of the data.
  • We have implemented a new formula system that allows you to perform your own calculations in a more user-friendly way, even for very compley calculations.


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