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Don't let data collection processes and control tasks hinder your sustainability progress. Let our ID-Report sustainability software handle this for you! It enables you to meet CSRD requirements seamlessly

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My name is Mira and I'm the sustainability manager at SkalaMotors AG from Bremen.

28 9.240 6,4 billion €
locations around the world employees around the world annual turnover

Let me show you why I’m so excited about ID-Report.

ID-Report supports our team in all important areas of sustainability management and beyond

Information retrieval in and outside of our organization. Flexible and just-in-time.

Intelligent and transparent data aggregation beyond the boundaries of our company.

One information system for our reporting (e.g. CSRD) and all other management tasks

Information gathering

For me, comprehensive and valid information is the basis for developing effective measures. In the CSR Software ID-Report, I define my information needs individually and link them to people, inside and outside our company. The CSRD requirements are also effectively accounted for

ID-Report generates intelligently guided online surveys from my specifications or accesses existing systems directly. From the collected data, an information hub is then created for me, with all sustainability-relevant aspects of our company, from which I can make optimal use.

Key features

Management dashboard with overviews of all processes and task tracking

Support of any standards and key figure systems, e.g. GRI, German Sustainability Code (DNK), ...

Key figure framework for creating your own key figures

Individual plausibility rules to test and verify data automatically

Simple online questionnaires, intelligently derived from your information needs

Modern UI: data provider require no training

Automatic data integration via interfaces

Reminder functions for all participants

Internal message, chat and comment function

Automatic plausibility check of data during data collection

Comprehensive internationalization (German and English included, other languages can be integrated on request)

Data protection compliant and secure

Intelligent data processing

We collect data worldwide and in different language areas, which means that the quality and scope of the responses can vary widely. For example, I only get electricity data from some countries in a very reduced form. The data processing of ID-Report - with the help of AI processes - automatically analyzes key figures and data for me. Even different answers from our data suppliers or multidimensional key figures are no problem.   

The CSR Software ID-Report also gives me the freedom to customize calculations and perform them as I need them. I can generate real-time analysis across different dimensions (e.g. for our locations and suppliers) with the integrated data analytics module, perform CO2 calculations, or make comparisons across different time periods.

Key features

Adaptable roles and rights concept for task-compliant access control

Automatic aggregation of data by AI-based methods

Formula editor for creating your own calculations

Automatic conversion and support of over 200 units

Export of data to MS Excel or CSV

Gain knowledge and create meaningful charts and dashboards with an integrated data analysis module.

Collection of quantitative and qualitative information

Dedicated gateway for auditing companies

Direct export of data to other systems

One information system

For me, one of the most important goals is to build up and maintain a high-quality, centralized information pool with which we can work flexibly. The CSR Software ID-Report serves as a source of information for our entire Group in the various areas. We can address the various management levels, purchasing or even our risk management on an ad hoc basis from one information pool.

I create reports and web-based views directly in ID-Report. Using individual modules and multimedia content, I can quickly compile interactive online reports based on the information I have collected, publish a sustainability report, or create our carbon footprint. Thanks to the versatile building blocks, we have developed a good storytelling together with our marketing department, with which we can unerringly reach stakeholders inside and outside our company.

Key features

Integrated editor for creating reports and web-based views

Various modules for designing interactive reports: diagrams, tables, videos, audio, pictures, texts ...

Individual and web-based views for all organizational units

Creation of complete CSR reports / sustainability reports as pre-press or as an interactive microsite in your corporate design

Support for other types of reporting:

  • Energy reports
  • CO2 reports
  • Management summaries
  • ... and much more


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